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Animal Arithmetic:

An end times story with a unique prophetic twist, a call to introspection and... lots of dogs!”


It’s the year 2073. Countless global pandemics, wars, a seemingly long list of shameful practices and the world still hasn’t learned its lesson in humanitarianism. If anything, it has completely rejected any notion of redemption; with government officials and those maintaining high financial statuses crushing and abolishing all forms of resistance to new control policies. Proceeding in the mysterious silence of their Master, spirits left in charge of the Earth since its beginning have begun to formulate a secret strategy to salvage anything good left of it. However, with the absence of a leader, there exists a thin line separating angels from demons: those that seek power to manipulate justice.


 Kayla D’ Angelo, a committed misanthrope has hated the human race for as long as she can remember. A series of unwanted visions portraying vicious black dogs, butterflies and a fox questioned her fleeting sanity in a cruel world for as long as she could remember. In the past, she had always managed to deny them control of her mind. What will happen once they stop taking ‘no’ for an answer?

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