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Animal Arithmetic Official Website Kickoff!

Hello folks!

KDFoxx here! This is the first blog post of the year on the born day of Animal Arithmetic's official website! All big news regarding the progress of this project can now be found here.

And with that we have some exciting news to share!

It's been about 7 years since I've known my friend Substantial, and we have been talking about a collaboration for the longest of time. Well, we are both pleased to annouce that Animal Arithmetic is no longer a thought, but a story that has now hit the ground running! There will be crowdfunding event happening on my birthday September 19, this year that will help bring even more goodies to the table. The campaign will include a digital and printed Animal Arithmetic: Beast of Burden prologue accompanied by a full soundtrack produced digitally (and possibly on limited run vinyl) by Substantial. We have other products in mind as well, depending on funding--so you don't wanna miss out on this!

More updates soon! Ciao for now~


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Crissondra Wightman
Crissondra Wightman
Aug 06, 2021

I am beyond excited!! Fun watching the journey from idea, to sketches, to beautiful finished pieces!


Feb 14, 2021

Woo! And so it begins! I’m so excited :)

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